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#ThroughAuthenticity ToCredibility



Anika Oppermann

Anika Oppermann has a doctorate in food science (Wageningen, NL) with international experience in the food industry. During her studies, she was diagnosed with cancer, which led her to question the social contribution she would like to make. She realized that she was particularly concerned about the sustainability of our food production and building bridges between the food industry and its stakeholders. During her personal research, she became aware of how authentic and open dialogue (with stakeholders, the end consumer and the public) is related to the design of a sustainable food system. This is how Anika found her professional passion.

Anika has been self-employed since the end of 2018 and combines her skills with the topics that are particularly close to her heart. She is particularly interested in supporting organisations in researching and analysing general or specific sustainability issues in the agricultural and food sectors, from benchmarking, trends and challenges (along the value chain) to stakeholder analysis. She is currently training part-time in stakeholder dialogues and cooperation, as Anika is convinced that complex problems can only be solved by integrating all relevant stakeholders in order to initiate, organise and support sustainable processes.