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Carsten Ernst

Carsten is a consultant, a knowledge mediator and a designer focusing on the subjects of energy efficiency for industries, trades and buildings - both for the top-down topics on energy management and bottom-up topics on energy efficiency measures. On one level Carstens work focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and at the other level on the methodological approaches that drive energy efficiency and sufficiency. With more than 25 years of professional experience in Germany and abroad, Carsten applies his holistic planning of buildings, strategic and technical consulting for industrial and commercial customers to his daily work.

In the field of building development, Carsten focuses on the planning of technical facilities and environmental design of the buildings. He has worked with international design teams in the area of energy efficiency where he uses methodological approaches to determine the efficiency of major consumers for all major industrial sectors (building materials, food, automotive, plastics, metals, mineral oil, etc.).

The "sufficiency" approach in consultancy will (have to) become more important in the future and the focus of Carsten's work in the coming years will be on operationalisation level (according to the donut principle, adhering to planetary borders and covering basic needs in a socially acceptable way).

In addition to his technical and methodical work and his interpersonal actions, Carsten's passion is to make a contribution to a better and sustainable world.