Nadine Schardt

Coach, coach in the field of human resources, answer & solution seeker.

Since a young age, Nadine's world revolves around psychology. Fascinated by it, she tries to find answers to her and society's questions. It’s no wonder that Nadine decided to study psychology (with a focus on work and organizational psychology) and to train as a coach.

Since her studies she has accompanied projects around the topics of potential analysis, cultural change, coaching, executive development, employee selection procedures, the combination of personnel development and organizational development. As a coach she accompanies people one on one and in group coaching in discovering their strengths and using them beneficially.

For several years she has been in the process of transforming her life in a sustainable way. She has worked her way through environmental psychology, strategies for integrating desired behaviour, self-efficacy, intrinsic motivation and personal responsibility.

As a co-founder of “Akademie Nachhaltigkeit” or "Sustainability Academy" Nadine uses her knowledge to accompany people in orienting their lives towards sustainability, overcoming obstacles, integrating desired behaviours and treating themselves and the environment more gently.