Nicola Stefan Koch

As co-founder and Managing Director of international ‘think and do’ tank Generation Why, Nicola is very preoccupied with the various approaches for the implementation of the SDGs in the context of political institutions, companies and civil society organisations. His focus points at sustainable natives lie in the field of sustainability assessment, social impact innovation and stakeholder management.

During his academic career, Nicola studied at the University of Bayreuth, Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, in Germany, and Maastricht University in the Netherlands. There he researched and worked on sustainability themes such as the future of corporate responsibility, sustainable finance, transcultural leadership and transition management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics & Development, and a Masters in Politics, Administration & International Relations. Through the initiation and organisation of conferences, roadshows, short films and fundraising events Nicola has already motivated and supported many people to contribute towards sustainable and social transformation. As a people and nature loving person, Nicola enjoys to play team sports and to spend time in nature.