Ronja Scholz

Already as a child Ronja questioned things as they could be instead of accepting them. As an industrial designer, she has developed innovative products, technologies and trends in various companies around the globe. Her focus has always been on sustainable responsibility in addition to mediating the interdisciplinary intersections of design.  Her cooperation with management and founders has also shaped her entrepreneurial understanding.

Since 2016, she has worked as an innovation manager and business designer with start-ups and SMEs in the field of 3D printing and smart manufacturing. Irritated by why meaningful, practical innovations are so slowly establishing themselves in the industry, she has dealt intensively with the topics of "agile", "lean" and "self-organization" and completed several training courses. 

Her many years of experience in leading volunteer teams in various associations have also contributed to this. She loves to incorporate her knowledge and experience into training and process support and to break new ground with teams.

Ronja's credo: You can only find shortcuts if you leave the beaten path.