Take the lead.

To be honest, our plans are none other than making you a 'responsible pioneer' in your sector. With us, you channel your entrepreneurial talent towards the opportunities of the future: direct your gaze towards the year 2030 and from this viewpoint, decide what it is that you must change today. 


Knowledge, technology and courage. The vision of the future is very precisely signposted with 17 sustainable development goals. What are you waiting for?

Take the lead for transformation.
We make you strong.


Transformation &

What are your personal values as a leader? What meaning and values do you wish to exemplify? What vision and mission do you want to achieve with your colleagues? What culture, work principles and organisational transformation do you need for this to happen?


Knowledge &

What key compentencies does your organisation need for a sustainable transformation? How are you closing knowledge gaps and building up ecological and social competencies alongside economic and business related competencies? How does new learning work and what are sustainable ways of transferring information? What can strengthen you and your team against the pitfalls of change?



Strategy &

What global drivers of the future are influencing your business model? What are the essential chances and challenges which result from these? How do you develop a sustainable business strategy? What does your sustainability plan look like in terms of specific activities and measures? How are you piloting this implementation? 



Performance &

How are you piloting your sustainable transformation? Which methods, metrics and tools do you need in order to measure impact, to compare performance and to continously improve? What standards do you need to reach, in order to be effective, efficient and legally compliant?


Innovation &
Business Models

How can sustainability be used as a prism for new ideas and as an innovation driver? How can new sustainable business models be co-created and successfully implemented on the market? How can the usual product or service portfolio be transformed, step by step, into a 100% sustainable portfolio?



Communication & Stakeholder

How do you initiate a dialogue with your stakeholder groups? What communication idea do you use to tell your new story? How do you manage the participation of employees, clients and citizens? How do you use the impulses of your stakeholders for inspiration and innovation?